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Welcome To Celiac Supplies for Gluten Free Foods & Diet

The first 100% gluten free shop in Australia.

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Celiac Supplies began in 2004 when gluten free food was scarce and presented in a very disjointed manner to consumers. It makes a lot of sense to bring gluten free food to one location rather than having consuming doing long internet searches, driving around to multiple shops only to find half the food items on the list. Celiac Supplies was borne out of this ad hoc shopping experience for consumers.

The store's major strengths are able to access items from small manufacturers, distributors and importers and have them on the shelves, fridges or freezer at very competitive rates: there is no outrageous mark ups. (Many of the prices can rival the big supermarkets even with their massive buying power strength.) We are a speciality gluten free shop with the budget wise consumer in mind.

The other major strength is we know our products so we can match a person with multiple allergies with the product that is not going to make them ill or crate a hassle for them to return the product. We are the only gluten free shop offering classes for beginners to the gluten free diet and tailoring the diet to suit any other allergy or health condition. The classes are usually one hour long and cost includes our own unique book.

The registered teacher for the class has the following qualifications: a diploma in primary and special education, bachelor of education with majors in special education in psychology and certificates in business. She has raised two sons who both are dairy free and their own individual allergies and for one being gluten free. Click here to see more details about our classes!

The store is revives referrals from naturopaths, dieticians, and a few members of the medical profession. Some customers may be referred back to various specialists as the situation arises.

Gluten Free | Gluten Free Diet | Gluten Free Foods

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